Yoga class, attacked, magical creature thing

Date: 5/26/2017

By sophius_black

I went to a yoga class with a friend that was taught by mrs Nicole. We were in the park and there was this guy near us being creepy. We realized that all the other students had left so we decided to leave. We first went to a public bathroom and all peed. While we were doing that mrs Nicole told us about these baked roses she loves to make. When I came out I couldn't find them. There was this massive man who grabbed me. I actually was thinking about that buzzfeed video about self defense I watched a while ago. I got some good hits, but I just wasn't strong enough. I kept screaming for help and saw people looking and me but no one did anything. Then I ran down this path and as he followed me I'd turn around and spew flames out of my finger tips to keep him at bay. I had fire powers and used them for all this stuff by the water. Then I turned into this other Demi god thing that had prescription powers and I was just sitting in a pile of bottles and people would come to me for spot on subscriptions.