Terrorist's knife attack

Date: 7/6/2019

By Ajeeshravindran

I am running too fast inside a factory. suddenly someone thrown a knife through me... That was a narrow escape... I look back, and there is 7 or 8 people there... I'm try to speed up as much as I can... But they surrounded me by several ways. And they continues knife throwing towards me... Very next moment I realize that, on of terrorist is my friend. And another one is a famous filim actor.... Someone thrown a butcher's knife through me. But I was lucky.... After a massive battile I'm enter into a room and locked it from inside. I dont know how it happen but it was a safe room. Now the room is too small but I thought if I had some path ways throughout this room... And suddenly that happen in my dream. Their was created a lobby anyway... And am securely walk through that....