The Lingering Smell of Death

Date: 7/14/2017

By taywood

Instantly the smell of death, thick as smoke hits me in the face as hard and real as a wall. It engulfs my body and as I breath it in I can hear the screams, the suffering of thousands of innocent people. I shake and fall to the damp ground. Blood covers the soft dirt like a blanket- a sticky, wet blanket. I roll to my back and stare up at the sky deep, rolling, black smoke slowly blacks out the sun. It went dark... well not quite. The fire fueled by countess lives is like a demon rising up out of the earth. I look to see what started the fire that must have killed so many. A tear fell down my face as I feel in my pocket an empty match box. *Ok this dream was so scary and I woke up so upset , disappointed, and disgusted in myself. It is totally against everything in me to even smack a child for not behaving let alone burn countless innocents.