Every Anxiety Dream Evert and Humour

Date: 8/15/2017

By nicolesal

I dreamed I was at a concert looking for a place to stand. i went over to where Scott was standing but he turned into Jim Green and abandoned me. Then a was getting ready for a concert on violin, it was les Mis but it was life a recital and almost no one was watching except Mum, Dad and Jennie Simpson. Then somehow I was leading a charge of bicycles and, quite innocently went down the wrong street, mucking up the performance. This set off a terrible chain reaction and I was trying to get home but has to get a flight via London and thought I was going to miss something vital. This turned out to be graduating from high school and I was desperately trying to talk to someone and find out if I could. Then there was a meeting where the horror of the bike mistake was discussed and I got more and more upset. I also felt I wanted to change my subjects, use this to graduate from high school better. Finally I felt so upset that I was responsible for the bike incident and frustrated that no one would listen to me that I started crying. Then Terry, the primary school teacher did notice me. Then I was crossing the road and saw an Asian girl from school and she reminded me about a funny song I used to sing. I thought "humour" That's what I want to do.