Date: 2/5/2017

By alana_danae

we were at this building for like a family reunion, but I didn't know any of the people there besides my mom, my brothers, and my step dad. So this girl got mad at her mom and put a bomb in the building across the street, because she thought her mom was in it. But she wasn't. So then the girl put another bomb in the building where we were having the family reunion. And my 13 year old brother runs up to us and is like "we need to get out, a bomb is going to go off" and we are like "how do yk?" And he says " yk the explosion across the street? I helped her with it. And I helped her set the bomb and everything over here." So we start freaking out and then we realize my 6 year old brother isn't with us, so we run around the building trying to find him, but by the time we find him we have like 2 minutes left before the bomb goes off. So we run out the building and there are security guys saying stuff about the bomb and telling us to evacuate. But by the time we got out the building we were all separated. I was with my mom but that was it. So idk where my brothers or my step dad went and then I woke up.