Every day robots

Date: 5/17/2017

By darlinglolita

1. I'm having a nude photo shoot and the photographer is another nude girl with blue hair 2. Another photo shoot but it's in a dark abandoned mall bathroom with Bjork both of us looking in the mirror and she's directing me on how to pose 3. Something about being trapped in a mall after hours and after dark 4. Something about Disneyland and not being happy about being there I dream of all my family members there I get kidnapped at the park by a man with a gun he tries to force himself on me weird rides and attractions huge animatronic (I think they were animatronic maybe they were real) mammoth elephants trapped under caged wire. I am in the splash zone on a ride and the elephant robot squirts water on me. I don't like it. It makes me pants wet. 5. Holding some kind of a small dog with a Labrador face on a really weak rope leash