Hair on the way in FIFA on the way out

Date: 2/5/2019

By XGalaxy_22

It was a big arcade and Brenna and I were playing dance dance revolution. They had a prizewinning wall behind the machine and if we got to a score of 98,000 over the course of 5 rounds then we could get the iPods wanted .(this isn’t funny but it was funny) two people in wheelchairs come up and start getting mad that we are hogging the game lol. After 5 rounds we got a score of exactly 98,001. Neat . But we had no way to claim our prize because there was no one around . So we wait and wait and this guy worked for the arcade came and got it for us , then explained why it took him so long . (Because the arcade was free but had prizes) making him a busy dude constantly having to get Shit . We go over to the pizza area and order a fat ass pizza. While we are waiting , the arcade dude wanted to show us his fish. It was a huge bowl with one huge koi in it and a bit so big one. The big one had a really flowy long tail and was bright red and black . The little fish was this tiny orange and black one, and the bigger one was constantly trying to eat it but the bowl was too small and they just end up swimming in really fast circles . Carrysn showed up at this point too out of nowhere . The people we were sharing our table with were these douchy looking dudes who all had frosted tips and wayyyy too much hair product in, but they had matching jackets for something, I think soccer . Anyways the fish bowl was in a rolling cart and one of them decided to push it , and it rolled away and then fell over . The glass did not break but the poor fishy’s were flopping all over the place. I HATE touching fish. But I go over there and pull my sleeve over my hand and put them back in the bowl and refill it with water . They just start immediately trying to eat each other again... whatever. I go back and sit at my table, and the assholes who did it get up to leave . While they were walking out a Hobo walls in but ends up holding the door open for them and none of them say thank you, so he yells at them “ hair on the way in, FIFA on the way out “ for some reason this was offensive but also historical . So I needed up laughing myself awake