Date: 5/13/2019

By hayleesvendsen

A bunch of kids went downtown kinda like around the exchange district. Some dressed in red some in blue ( blood or Crip ) me and my friends and people from river east dressed as a Crip. We all just sat down in the streets with our guns. I moved further back to hide behind some people. A group of bloods came and shot the entire blue group in front of me. Shooting stopped for a minute. I noticed a a single bit dressed in red in the middle of the street surrounded by blue. I aimed my gun but mine was just a BB gun. I missed. He shot back at me and hit the back of my leg. I got up and was dragging my left leg. A man came to help me walk and we walked to the hospital like wtf. I got to the hospital 20 mins later with a hole in my leg. And he didn’t end up doing anything for me. I left and went back downtown but stayed out of the war. Outside it was like a resort in Italy but Harry Potter themed. I saw Elise there and just sat. I don’t remember what happened after but I ended up in an appartment hotel thing. Idk but it was Lauren Mitchoski’s room. It was so small the bed almost took up all the room. She said it was her apartment. Then Hannah found me and asked me to bring her to the weed apartment room, so we walked down the long hall way and finally found the door with a big marijuana leaf on it. We were too scared to knock. We started walking to this dinner we Had it was kinda far but when we got there, there were so many celebrities. I sat beside Miguel Garrido lol and brad Pitt.