Date: 4/11/2017

By Tati52

Coulrophobia=Terrified of clowns (I'm scared of clowns) My parents left the house so I'm in the house by myself. (It's probably 3 in the afternoon) So I'm in my room minding my business so I had the urged to get up and throw the food away that been sitting out for 3 days. So I got up and throw the food out in the garbage. So it's just empty pans I got in my Hands as I'm head out the back door I saw a clown with a knife waiting for me. I was terrified! I was screaming and shit so I closed the door and tried to lock it but the crazy part about it that the door wouldn't even lock. So the clown at the door trying to get in, he using all his force to get in so I pushed the door hard and it locked . So I'm scared as hell ! I don't even wanna be in the house right now. So it's this boy name Jaylin. So he came over and I guess he wanted to be noisy and shit but out of nowhere he left so I went out the back door(poor decision) and I saw the clown coming up the stairs and the clown ran towards me trying to kill me soooo I'm fighting back and shit so the clown had cutt my arm (not my entire arm) while we was fighting I took the knife away from him and ran inside the house . So I'm crying and Shit . So I went into my room with the knife and started reading a book so my mind started thinking about Jaylin I'm like "where did he go?" So I got up again and grabbed the knife and went towards the back door(poor decision) so as I peeped through the back door blinds I ain't see the clown so as I left the door I ain't see the clown so I'm walking and I spotted the clown walking down the stairs walking towards Jaylin with a piece of paper . I had ran towards the clown and stabbed him in his back and kept stabbing him . Then Jaylin stood right there mouth wide open shocked ! So I grabbed the piece of paper and it had my name on it but my name was crossed out . So I look up and Jaylin was gone . But the clown was still dead on the floor with the knife in his back . So I went upstairs and went towards my bedroom and read a book then I looked out the window and saw my dads car . Then I woke up