Nate six flags acts

Date: 3/10/2019

By yari6302

We were at six flags and mat tells me/ shows me that she likes girls and suddenly it’s like we’re dating. When we’re standing in line, I put my hands around her or my hands on her shoulder. I asked her for her phone to airdrop a picture of herself to my phone and I couldn’t figure it out. Because for some reason iPhone Xs were more confusing. But point being, she gave it to me whatever. Also at one point I was sitting down on the floor. And Nat sits on my legs. She then moves one leg on the other side of me and faces me, so her feet are on both sides of me, on purpose. Mat licks my boob through my shirt while looking at me sexually. My shirt had a wet spot a little to my right of the middle of my boobs. And then she had her legs open in front of me and made a kind of motion while staring at me kind of judgingly, daringly, sexually, betting. I didn’t lick her clothes there. We were in a kind of hidden part of the park and I was scared to do it in the first place, even though it wasn’t like having sex or even kissing. It was just weirder and a sign of something more. But I was thinking that Sarah might just turn the corner and see us. And when I woke up. I imagined a lot of what would happen.