Hide and Seekret

Date: 1/22/2017

By Luchia23

It was dark, all but a dim porch light. A couple kids who were total strangers to me walked up to me and talked as if they've known me my whole life. My mom then called my cell out of the blue and in a whispered voice "told me that the people in front of me were actually deceiving me they're real names were Kara, Mary, and the third one I actually didn't know. She was small with a cute figure and blonde-ish brown hair. After I said they're names they reverted back to they're original selves. All but the little girl who remained the same. I didn't care much since I didn't know her but I wondered if that's actually what she looked like or not. I looked through the screen door of the house and noticed that it was actually my grandmothers kitchen. But what really surprised me when I woke up was how I even remembered it since I only visited it once and my my grandmothers dead, and has been dead for quite a long time. A couple years if I recall correctly,. It gets stranger though. We walk inside and it turns into this lovely open area with this huge grand staircase. Again when I woke up I realized I had seen that place before, it was the house of one of the identical twins in the newer version of the parent trap. Again, anyway let's get back to the story. I didn't recognize the house, but all the people in there were familiar. There was Mary, my principle, Kara, Aftyn, Emily, Lexie, Mary's dad and a bunch of other parents. Me and Mary started walking up the staircase when we saw my principle get really close to Mary's dad. Mary's dad then smirked and walked out the door leaving my principle standing there watching him leave. That's when Mary screamed " MY DADS IT. " Everyone then started screaming. Well almost everyone. I was standing on the staircase totally puzzled of what's going on. But I just followed Mary. That is until some girl with a wooden flower printed thingy grabbed my ankle with the most horrifying smile I had ever seen. She seemed evil almost. She dropped the wooden thing on the ground and ran as far away from me as possible. I ran in the opposite direction totally forgetting about the wooden thingy she had dropped on the stairs. I went back for it but it wasn't there anymore. I assumed since the girl who had it before tagged me then we must be playing some sort of man hunt game. So I ran down and brushed my hand against Mary. She groaned and turned around but she was frowning in disappointment as she looked at my hands. She then said, " Courtney, you have to have the wooden handle before you can tag someone. And try to make your tagging more discrete next time. " I turned around and set off to go find the Wooden handle thingy. I made my way upstairs to look for it but it was totally dark. All but Mary who had decided to follow me apparently with candles. One blew out so she left the lit one with me, swore, then set off to go get the lighter (which I told her to do) I then saw a figure emerge from the corner of the room but for some reason I wasn't scared instead I decided to scare whoever it was so I hid behind the last step and watched as the figure got bigger and bigger until I jumped out and screamed. The figure fell back and yelped with Emily's voice she got back up laughing and that was when I woke up.