Date: 8/12/2019

By iishgenosisii

I remember Alexis saying “oh you have a yoga mat” as she got up from sitting on it. My face lit up as I said “yeah” and I was just thinking about how easier it would be to exercise in that than the floor. I was intimidated by Maria. I wanted to get revenge on her for doing something to me but I was worried she’d curse me or do something to me with magic. Then we did this class game I think and I ran in someone’s house. I was happy because no one would find me then I was in another house. It was taking a while so I decided to leave but I saw two people coming inside the house. I was scared to get caught, they must be the owner of the home. I hid in the large empty closet and hoped when they weren’t by the door I’d escape. I put something down (I think my phone?) but it ranged it made a loud noise. The closet door was opened by someone and I saw Ammy there and she hugged me reassuring me, while I think I was crying? I was really scared. I went to my P.E. class and everyone was there. So apparently everyone was done playing a while ago and I was hiding in Ammy’s house. I was relieved. They spoke English then changed to Spanish. I was confused and asked my white teacher and she said they are going to speak only Spanish, just her class. I was asking so many question like what if I don’t know much Spanish. Then I was also thinking how well I’d be at Spanish if we only spoke it.