Chelsea’s sad story

Date: 6/19/2019

By pretzeling

There was a troubled teen girl (maybe 15 or 14) who had run away from home. A few of her friends from high school (one boy, one girl) were amateur documentary makers and had decided to follow her as a video project. The girl, who was named something like Chelsea, was pale and skinny. Her filmmaker friend was good looking and blonde with glasses. They filmed Chelsea as she was found by a government social worker who drove her to reunite with her mom. The social worker drove her down a desolate interstate highway into the parking lot of a big box store. The mom was there, and she had a baby in a stroller who she was fussing over. Chelsea and her mom reconciled and it was tense, though the mom promised things would be better at home. Later, they filmed Chelsea on an outing to the beach with her while family: mom, baby sister, younger brother and dad. The dad was in a wheelchair and had long unkempt hair, lots of excess weight and a fedora. He seemed like a mall ninja type. Her younger brother was acting a bit creepy towards the blonde filmmaker girl, but other than that the outing went OK at first. It was a grey day. Still, the dad gave Chelsea sunscreen and demanded she put it on. After she put it on her skin, he revealed that he had tainted it with itch powder as a prank. Chelsea got a horrible rash and was lying on the sand crying; meanwhile, the mom was making excuses for the dad, telling her to get over it. The blonde filmmaker friend couldn’t believe what she was seeing and put down the camera. She started yelling at the mom like “How could you let him do this to her, and not defend her?!” At this, the mom got irate and started screaming at the girl: “You don’t know anything about my family! You don’t know what I have to deal with!” She lunged at her and started strangling her; the creepy son joined in as the POV faded to black. Cut to images of a metal blade cutting open the blonde girl’s chest. She was lying on a white table, passed out and disheveled. These were video files. The head scientist narrated over them: “My apprentice was very interested in this girl... She was a pretty one. Yes, I saw this one and it was like a dream come true.” He and the son conspired to kidnap the blonde filmmaker girl and do some sort of procedure on her. I think they were replacing her body parts with robot parts, turning her into a cyborg. Much later in the surgery, most of her body parts had been replaced except her face. Her chest cavity was open with a beating artificial heart visible. Her eyes snapped open. In front of the operating table, another cyborg had been assisting with the surgery. She looked almost like a full robot. Maybe she was. She had all white skin (think the Wii Fit trainer or a store mannequin), all white hair, and a crisp uniform. Though obviously surprised, she was sweet and polite as the girl woke up and told her not to move. The girl said “screw that, I’ll kill you or myself before I let you continue with whatever you’re trying to do to me” and tried to get up from the table. At this the cyborg woman turned icy. She grabbed a remote and held it up: “This device controls all the muscles of your new body. Your new organs and bones, too. With the push of a button, it could cave in your ribs or snap your legs. And I’M the one holding it.” Then I woke up.