Digital art, Amidst the bustling church yard sale, a young woman discovers a table adorned with Gameboy SP systems, phone cases, and a tempting bottle of Cheerwine, but decides against making any purchases due to the prices.

Church yard sale

Date: 8/16/2017

By Hikertrash48

The first thing I remember was being in the parking lot of the church I attend. There was this yard-sale going on and different families had tables of stuff set up around the parking lot. I was looking at different things and I remember seeing one table that had a bunch of gameboy sp systems. There were games and I noticed they had phone cases too. I was friends with this family so I mentioned that I had a case like one they had and pointed to an r2 d2 iPod 5 case. The chick tells me it's eight dollars and I politely informed her that I wasn't looking to buy it I was just making small talk. I walk a few feet and noticed a cooler like the ones you see in stores filled with sodas or water. This was like a mini version of them. I noticed that there is a bottle of cheerwine so I look for a price so I could buy it. It turned out to be eight dollars for a bottle of soda.

AI generated interpretation The dream seems to revolve around the theme of value and communication within the context of a church yard sale. The church represents a place of spiritual connection and community in your waking life, and the yard sale symbolizes the exchange of items or ideas. The presence of different families with tables of items suggests diversity and familiarity within your social circle. This may indicate that the dream is exploring your relationships or interactions with others. The gameboy sp systems, games, and phone cases on display represent recreational and technological elements. They could symbolize leisure, entertainment, or personal interests. Your knowledge of the r2 d2 iPod 5 case and mentioning it to the family indicates your ability to engage in small talk and connect with others based on common interests. However, when the price is mentioned, you realize that you were not intending to purchase it, highlighting the importance of clear communication and avoiding misunderstandings. The cooler filled with sodas represents refreshment and satisfaction. The presence of a specific soda brand, cheerwine, might hold personal significance to you. The fact that the soda bottle is priced at eight dollars could imply a sense of high value or the need to consider the cost or worth of indulging in certain pleasures. Overall, this dream suggests a focus on the dynamics of communication and the significance of valuing and assessing things in your social interactions. It may be indicating the need to be clear and honest in your interactions, as well as to evaluate the value of certain choices or indulgences in your waking life.