Asap rocky

Date: 5/5/2017

By bjones

Asap rocky was staying in the downstairs of my house for a few days so he could trap out. My mom needed the Enchilada sauce that was in the room downstairs and when I went to go get it there were a bunch of people in white masks standing around chopping and weighing weed. I started to get really scared and cry and asap rocky came out and hugged me. He called me family and then gave me a bunch of neon green weed for free. When I came back down there I asked some guy what something was and he said they were editables. I wanted to buy some so I asked my mom for 10$ but it was ripped so she taped it back together and they thought it was fake so I had to run back upstairs to asks for two $5 bills. Every time I rubbed the money more money kept peeling from it. When I finally got my money I bought my things and they left.