"Clowning Around"

Date: 8/6/2019

By VicArt

There was a lil boy alone in this beautiful house with his toys that came alive at his will. A small miniature clown that sorta looked like IT. and another toy. We played and played one day a girl came alone and I liked her so I grew became a man. Now I was subconscious about my Penis that it was to small or that it might of smelled but none was true it was what I was afraid of. This girl was Black and well I don't like black girls but I made an exception because I wanted my Dick to get sucked so I pulled out my Penis and she began to suck, but suddenly she started to gag and spit and become disgust my fears became real it started to shrink and smell and taste horrible. She didn't believe it was really like this she said "this can't be" ugh! (Spits on the floor in disgust) I angrly command my Miniature IT like doll to grab her and the other toy. She gets afraid she knows she's about to Die. I have the urge to Kill her. I have them scare her and walk her to the front door. I command my Miniature IT doll to let her go but don't get seen. He releases her and she runs away screaming and afraid. The Doll fazes back into the house through the livingroom window. Some one heard her screams and approaches the house. It was a man... No it was... I couldn't believe it!!! It was IT!!! he sensed that there was something inside but was afraid he backed away from the door and just stood there staring into the house. He can see my Miniature IT doll. He goes to the door but this time he doesn't look like it but as a man he since the door isn't lock. I shrink and become a kid again I hide and command my IT doll to sit by the door. He come in and sees the Doll but he believe it's a kid and ask what's your name. I command the Doll to say... I woke up.