Almost Meeting The Kooks in My Pajamas 😐

Date: 6/3/2017

By brookethegreat

It's morning and I'm lazing around my apartment in my pajamas. Out the window I see a car pull up and my mom and brother get out. I'm so surprised that I run outside to greet them and accidentally lock myself out. They laugh at me a little. My brother needs to pick up some things at a music store, so we go straight there and hope the key situation resolves itself while we're gone. When we get to the music store it's weirdly crowded. More crowded than any music store in Indianapolis would be under normal circumstances. Then I notice why: The Kooks are here! They're just hanging out shopping. Luke is having a little Q and A and telling a bunch of stories. Instantly I am full of mixed emotions. This is so cool! I have to get a picture with them! Wait, I literally just rolled out of bed and I look like a crazy person. I'm not even wearing a bra. I can't take a picture like this! This is so not cool! I don't have my phone anyway. My mom has hers and she takes a few photos. I'm not sure if I'm in them. The Kooks decide that even though this wasn't a planned event or anything and they weren't planning to perform, they're going to put on an impromptu show for the fans. Then they leave for a few minutes and come back in these ridiculous costumes - shiny iridescent black suits and rainbow clown wigs. It's not the look I'm used to, but whatever, I'm all for bands reinventing themselves and being creative. And despite the clown wigs, the suits are pretty slick. I finally decide that even if I look like a mess and I'm not going to get a picture, I have to at least say hi or something. I get a chance to talk to Luke, but he looks different now. He's got straight hair and a greasy little mustache. He kinda looks like Jason Schwartzmann. But everyone is acting like it's still him, so... dream logic. I tell him I love the band, and the Be Who You Are video came out on my birthday and it was an awesome accidental present... and then I just trail off because this dude is definitely not him.