Date: 1/30/2019

By probablymichelle

I was in this hotel that looked like my house and my grandmas house put together except the walls were red and the couches were black. I was hanging out with Carson and Cody trying to find a way out but the door (that’s usually open) lead to this open bathroom and I realized I had to pee really bad but I couldn’t since they were there. After a while, we found that the bathroom lead to more hotel rooms but it became a dead end and we turned back. I still had to pee but when I opened the door to go, it lead outside. Cody and Carson were able to go but some evil ghost woman kept me. Cody kept coming back to try to save me, but it didn’t work. My dream then morphed into my regular house except Trystan Bradford was hanging out with my brother. They were playing fortnite and making fun of me. My dad was on their side