Idiot gamer, not full dream

Date: 2/26/2017

By nomosia

I don't remember the beginning or why , but I was on the run from something . I had taken my bag with me but it was all full of nothing useful and junk food. I get to this town near the coast, I remember that I drove in a car (it was a tesla) somewhere with one guy who was also "running" but he wasn't actually running it was some sort of organisation. I end up on the doorstep of a white building that has pillars and through the doors I know there are mahogany panelled walls and chandeliers and people are standing there sipping champagne but there is no reason for them to be there. I have arranged to meet a man with auburn hair on the steps of the building and he arrives. There is a game, like overwatch that they are obsessed with, this man sits on the step and pulls out his achievements and leaderboard scores in a hologram. His icon looks a bit like a 3D Timmy turner and his username was something like : deadvague. I have the feeling that I am not the 'protagonist' in this dream, there is a girl who follows me here that is, i'm not sure how she got there. She looks a little bit like my friend Nina at first but later on her hair turns ginger when she meets Idiot Video Game Player man She tells me about how she also didn't bring anything useful on the run. When she meets us on the step and Idiot Gamer runs through his scores : "So there are like the best achievements and players that you can win in this game, I don't know there are about thirty of them. I knew that I had about a week to win them all which is no biggie. Could probably have done it in two days, but I like to take my time, you know?" He pisses me off, but I know that the Girl next to me is somehow the best player of this game in the world and she's keeping quiet to make this guy sound even more of an idiot before she comes in and slaughters him. I get woken up.