I was sleeping alone in the double bed of my parents in our old flat.The lights were on and when I looked at the door which connects to the hallway I saw my uncle who brought the two little kids of my other uncle to the toilet.An important fact to note is that I normally get killed from something which comes around a corner whenever I have a nightmare. Suddenly a manly old voice speaks in the 3rd person and says something like (I dont fully remember it):,,And now he sees the mistake he's made" in german.Exactly as the last 2 words are spoken I switch the lights off and lay down only to see that the lights are still on.Bad music starts playing and then my brain stops this mess.I instinctively close my eyes and open them very widely again in order to wake up.For my shock I see that I am still in the dream but while I realise that I wake up, very scared.

Date: 9/3/2019

By YTGammeHD