Date: 3/25/2017

By sillyene

I was added into a new classroom and i when i walked in i was checking if anyone i knew was there. I was also checking if there was someone cute. I think my teacher was Mr. Shaughn i dont remember. So we started talking about stuff all I remember it was that everything we did was soo creepy. So we had to play this game and each one of us had to put our head down. I walked in late for the game so when i walked in the bell rang. Im guessing if we walked in late we would get punished realll bad. So i quickly ran into my seat. When we laid our head down there was a speaker for us that was suppose to talk for us about what were feeling so when my speaker went it said "today isnt a good day or something like that that, today isnt going too great etc." then the next person whos speaker when off it said "Selene is so cute or pretty" (selene is my name)i dont remember clearly and i was shocked. I don't remember what the rest of the speakers said so when we got up. We we're suppose to say if what our speaker said for us was true or false. But Mr. Shaughn said it so creepy like if it was wrong he was going to chop our heads off. Everyone was staring at each other. I was scared out of my life. I wanted to run out of that classroom. I don't remember much but all i do it was that there was more games/activities that were scary and soo fucking creepy. 2. My grandparents were going to mexico and i sat behind the green truck and turns out there was an extra seat i never knew about.