Cadet Base

Date: 10/19/2017

By Moonlight233

So I was on a cadet week and we went to this base that we shared with some other people. They were complete snobs. We were chill and did stuff our way and we had to make beds and put them somewhere, and we were there first so we make our beds fairly alright and these whole come in and start getting pissed that we put out bed up front. We ended up just leaving it and going to a meeting with everyone else. When we got back to the room I suggested swapping bed with the others if they wanted to, and they did, and they were like”We shouldn’t be talking with you.” And I just shrugged like “Who cares?” The girls were kinda nice, but their highest rank was a bitch. We eventually got split in two teams and we had to go through a warehouse- I woke up