I'm getting married??

Date: 2/15/2017

By annie2az

I was getting married. I'm Polish but my fiance had to be English as I couldn't decide which hand I want my ring to go on (it goes on the opposite hand in Poland to England). There was like a get ready thing (we were making sure everything is right in the church and all so I'm guessing it was a couple days before the wedding). I sat on a bench where I would be sat during the ceremony and next to me was the bridesmaid who was my fiances sister and I didn't like her. then there were benches around the main bench (the one I was sat on) and my fiances family was sat on the side of where the bridesmaid was while mine was on my side. I was remembering my sisters wedding (she got married a couple months ago) and thinking about what I want mine to actually look like on the day. Then the bridesmaid got mad about something and stromed out while her mother was trying to sweet talk me. Then the scene changed to later on (different day I think but still before the wedding) and I was sat in my old house' living room with my mom, godmother, her husband and a little girl (I would say my child but I don't think she was mine, I think she was my sisters daughter). I was sat on the floor, feeling young and free before the wedding as my mom talked to my godmother about something. then my godmother took the little girl next door and the scene changed again. I was being carried through the doorway by a man (I'm guessing this is my fiance on the day of the actual wedding), as I had a white dress on. I couldn't see his face as we left the church and that's when I woke up.