Lost Ethan

Date: 2/1/2019

By sarahbro

It was set on a cruise, not one that I recognized. The whole place felt like a maze. They had a night club at the very front of the ship with flashing lights and metal platforms. Me and Kaitlin were there having fun until I looked down and saw toddler at my feet who seemed scared and lost. I picked him up and asked where his mom was but he looked terrified. He was mixed with dark curly hair and blue eyes. Then I realized the baby was wet and cold felt the water at my feet. The ship was sinking. It was doing a nosedive into the sea and we were going first. I ran around with the kid looking for his family, eventually I ran into mine. Jack and Savannah were safe. My mom and rob were searching everywhere for Aaron and Ethan. They were at kids camp when it all started but were no where to be seen now. In the back of our minds we thought that they were both dead. We split up so search for the boys. I did a hasty search and found nothing but upon returning, I saw my mom and rob clutching onto a child in tears. I walked closer and saw that it was Aaron. I was relieved to see that he was safe. At the same time my heart dropped, I was hoping the boys were together. Now I knew that Ethan was alone and scared. My mom and rob were in tears when they told me that the ship is sinking and we have to go or we will all go with it. I started screaming and crying hysterically. I yelled frantically and said that I will search every inch of this ship for Ethan. I will either find him or die with him. I woke up then and was quite unsettled. Haven’t stopped thinking about Ethan since.