Can barely remember

Date: 8/11/2019

By DreamGirl1998

Don’t know why my dreams are always so blurry when I wake up. Sometimes I’ll have a dream where it’s so vivid, I can’t get it out of my head. This dream is kinda in my subconscious, has a dream about my brother studying vet nursing with me, Ashlee and Paris were in my dream and they kinda were my friends, was also feeling sorry for my brother because he had no friends, then it changed into him having to work at his job as well and then somehow getting his boss to invite me to one of their drink ups? Was really weird also another dream was about my sister and her bf and we went to one of his theatre shows, then randomly in the dream my teeth started hurting and my gums were throbbing so much, felt like I wanted to rip them out then I had a vision that there was a rotten top layer and I was scraping it off with the end of a makeup brush and they were peeling off and they smelt gross. Then everything just went all yucky and I woke up. Those are most of the bits I can remember, I always wish my dreams will be more eventful or random but it always ends up the same with things happening that already happen in my real life zzz