Dog Chase and Bible References??

Date: 2/12/2017

By Finami

In one part of my dream, my grandparents had decided to live with our family again. My grandfather gave me a hug when I came downstairs from my room. As always, my grandmother was trying to find some type of work with her hands. She ended up doing so in the backyard. I grabbed the milk from the fridge and drank some of it. In reality, my 3DS was taken and is nowhere to be found. I found it in my dream though. It was in my closet, mutilated with the surfaces of the device missing. As I looked for it, I noticed my mom left the window open wide enough for my dog to jump through. I yelled at her, asking why she would do such a thing since we know she was the type to dash up and down the street. Without listening to her answer, I leapt out through the window to chase after her. I wanted her to be safe. It didn't exactly conclude, but I'd rather assume I caught her, considering how close she was when I was attempting to grab her once more. The other part of my dream began an RPG maker game that reminded me of "Angels of Death". I had to understand the 10 Commandments before witnessing one of my coworkers to repenting to a lie...? (I have never actually read too much of the Bible lol. I'm not Catholic or Christian.) I guess he ended up lying about a past relationship he had...? I was completely thrown off by the execution of this. Finding out this truth, I ended up exiting through a door. I ended up in a room with hues of blue and violet. There were a bunch of doors lined next to each other. In the center, a portrait of some type of clown (?) was framed high on the wall. It was twice as big as I was. I walked over to the first door on the left, the others locked and closed for exploring later. Light shined through this entryway, practically beckoning me and saying I had no other choice. I walked through. There was an auditorium shown, a presentation explaining the concept of how important it its to tell the truth. I sat at the center, not near the front or back. The presenter made a pun and the audience applauded awkwardly. I began to get bored and knowing this was definitely a dream, I woke up.