Demonic zombies

Date: 8/1/2017

By melow_black_cat

I was in a small club...Katy perry had come up to me and told her to introduce here to a girl she liked. Then that girl asked if we could all go to a private room and I knew a room because i accidentally walked into one a few minutes ago. I walked them to the room and I told the girls and boys that were in there that it was our turn to have privacy. So I kicked them out. I was closing the curtains and they had tiny locks on them so it took me a while to close them. While the girls were having a make out season behind me I heard screaming. I looked over the curtains and people were fighting off other people but I heard zombie voices. So I said oh no girls we have to leave now. We got out of the room and a zombie came towards me and tried to bite me and I pushed it away as hard as I could and it hit the wall. I ran towards the door and told both the girls to hurry and follow me. We were running and the girls had babies in strollers. They found them in the streets when we ran out. There was a zombie behind us so I grabbed one and ran as fast as I could until I found two trucks. They didn't know what's going on. I waved at one truck. It had two girls in it and they didn't stop. Then there was another truck and it had a man in it. I ran towards it and he was slowing down. After he slowed down the other girls in the other truck stopped too. I opened the car and the zombie was still behind us and it caught up to both the girls from the club. I went inside and the man was possessed he was smiling and said you look yummy with a slit throat. I got out and went to the other truck and the girls were scared I told them to drive! The zombie on the streets was still after me and when they saw that they drove. I was trying to close the door and it wouldn't shut. The girl was panicking saying we're ganna die because of me. Because I don't know how to close a truck door. The seats were so high I couldn't see the bottom. First the seat belt was caught in it and when I took it out I tried closing it and still wouldn't. As the girl drove we saw all the chaos that was done already. Demonic zombies were walking around. And I told the girl to stop somewhere we're I can close the door or slow down. When we did she stopped infront of a house and it was dark but there was also a fire close by so. I tried closing it and I saw a piece of plastic fall out so I thought I knew that was the problem. I said I found was was stuck! Then I saw something huge and big crawling towards us and the other door in the back now doesn't want to close. mine still didn't want to either so I held them closed. It was a huge demonic geko it was right on the glass of the truck window. The girl was driving away slowly and we saw that more and more demonic zombies coming and I told her to drive drive drive! The doors became paper and there was a mom dad and son that were demonic zombies. They all came towards me and said what's wrong with red zombies were the best kind because the girl in the back said that there are three different zombies the green the blue and the red. The red were the most dangerous. I whispered to the girl driver to give me a knife the zombie took off the paper that was a full door to the truck. Somehow turned into paper. Then I thought that if they can't see hear or speak they can't attack. So I sliced the moms eyes and her throat and she was gushing out dark red blood. The the little boy came to close so I cut his eyes but not fully so he still had one eye an I sliced them both and his neck and I did the same to dad and I told the girl to drive again but fast to get out of there. Then the doors came back and I was holding them. I told the girl to stop at a dark place we're nobody is at and nobody can see us. And I still couldn't shut the damn door!!! I was about to slam it hard till my alarm went off.