Haunted Hotel

Date: 6/19/2017

By wyrd-ghost

i was in a haunted hotel that the spirits were targeting me they would cause patches of my desk to catch on fire that was ice cold and they would disorientate me but they told me about what was happening and not malicious. There was one malicious one that i never met, and at the end i was in my room and a spirit was telling me how another less friendly spirit has taken physical form and was at a party with people and she was showing me visions and i could not get out of them until i was jolted awake, but my body wasnt awake, it was like an out of body experience or astral projection. I just jolted up with only my upper body then slammed back down in a few seconds and immediately started the dream where i left and in my dream i got out of the vision by that jolt so i ran down to the party which some people had already left so all that was left was 2 or 3 people and they were all dressed in older victorian clothing and there was one spirit possessing a physical form that i thought was the unfriendly one but he was actually his brother and i remember that the unfriendly spirit had something that it was known by like some name that came along from the not so nice things he did and it started with an A but thats all i can remember, but anyways once the brother told me it wasnt him the spirit appeared and said "there is only one ___(he said the A name)" and grabbed on to my arm and pulled me to the side of the room while all the people were just frozen and he was threatening me i think, either way i remember fear, but something or some spirit that was more powerful than him was unhappy that i was being harmed or a human was being harmed im not sure and he vanished leaving only his clothes behind which was just one of those long old sleeping dresses that people wore a long time ago and i knew that he was going to die, his spirit was going to be destroyed and i started seeing visions of it, of pain and suffering and torture and i knew it was real bad news if i finished the vision so i jolted myself awake but this time it was my entire self