China Town

Date: 1/29/2019


Woman chanting something in a circle crushing gravel to powder on her feet with this little girl. Didn't understand so I talked what was said. She looked worried so I take the little girl so she wouldn't see this lady take a fist step to break her ankles. Saw noth my BM's... one was with(My 1st) Mark Anthony. I was riding my bike to her house to talk to her when a man holding a piece of salmon diverted me with a question that made me feel guilty. That's when I ran onto the lady. I took my extended family (cousin Juan) I remember upstairs for them to hide. Than I went to get my second BM at a house. We were going to marry but I was weary of something. There was an older man in the apartment talking to her that made me question things. She seemed ok with the plan but something was off. I ended up in Chinatown with my boy I want to say, sitting on a wooden stool watching and learning Chinese on tv.being watched by his Chinese grandfather. Two people approached outside with yellow jackets and some people behind them.