Date: 3/24/2017

By ksaspo

So I'm in this hotel room but for some reason I'm not me, I'm Jake from Brooklyn 99. And I'm there with Amy and shes like doing stuff around the room and I'm texting another couple that's staying in the hotel. Except it's not a hotel it's like, a B&B or something it's very like, homey. I keep having to go to the bathroom for some reason. The other couple is like "hey another couple is meeting us in the attic so you guys want to come?" So I'm like asking Amy if she wants to go have an orgy with these people and she's actually like on board but she has to finish whatever she is doing. Then it becomes a stress dream where I'm trying to coordinate and get us up there but we are never ready, something keeps coming up and we don't leave the room. At one point she's sitting on the floor and I'm on the toilet?? (But not doing anything that's gross) and she's like looking at me with these like, gorgeous huge brown eyes and I'm like thinking for real like "oh my god I'm so in love with you" and then the dream shifts and I'm me again and I'm wearing this ugly green and blue underwear I used to have and I leave the hotel and I'm walking through the VCU music building. Except now it has a bunch more stairs and hallways I never knew about and in the middle of trying to figure out where I'm going I get a call from "Amy" except it's not her it's this girl Leigh I knew in college- but both of us are supposed to be the same people like it's a continuation of the same story we just aren't Jake and Amy any more. Anyway she's like "hey babe, did you leave the hotel?" And I'm like "yeah I'll be there in five, did you check out?" And she goes "yeah see you in a minute"'and we hang up except I have no idea where she is.