Messy dream-celebrities

Date: 2/11/2017


We are getting our results for our exams, Meg does very well, she had to go home to open hers Hoover because she fell off something nearly breaking her back, dads old boss is from across the river and he has a new giant tell, it's as big as a house, we watch him putting it up over town, and then it starts to fall and it's broken, we laugh as he's not that nicer guy, he's swearing at it aggressively. There's lots of goats at so,e point, I'm also in a to show, Megan is a part of it, and although the producer has left, we want to keep it the same, Megan is saying so,etching funny about periods to the camera. I think Bryan gets 3 As but it turns out to be megs. Before all of this we are all at school together, maybe at a ball, I video chat Megan a lot throughout.