Friends and old friends

Date: 1/25/2019

By Tiffalonis

My friend Star and I were together hanging out with some male friend of hers. I guess we were staying the night wherever we were at. The next day star is anxious bc she said she woke up in the middle of the night and was on top of her male friend. Idk if she meant they were having sex or if she just woke up straddling her friend. She was worried about Aaron, her fiancé, finding out. So we end up at her place, which happens to be a really nice apartment complex, but there are sketchy people outside. We’re up in her apartment and Aaron is there. There is also another one of stars best friends who I happen to be close with as well. Her friend and I are sitting on stars bed, Aaron is in the other room, and idk where star went. But I proceed to tell the best friend what happened. Star calls and I told her I told (whatever the friends name is in my dream) what happened last night. She asked if Aaron was in earshot. I peek my head out the door and sure enough he is and I wonder if he heard me. I tell star no. I went outside to my car to get something. I don’t end up using the car door, I climb in through my sunroof. A tall brown skinned male (kind of thuggish) walks by and asked if I needed help, to which I replied no sir, I can handle it, thank you so much tho. I climb back out and start walking back towards the apartment, when a chick (she reminded me of Tiffany Pensatucky from OINB) comes up to me who apparently I knew and didn’t like too much. She has papers in her hands and is telling me she needs me to do something for her. She follows me into this donut or breakfast type shop (I guess was in the apartment complex’s vicinity) talking about whatever her issue is and that I need to help her. I look up and see my old neighbors from when I was a child in Garland, Tx, Katana, Aleisha, and Brittney, only Brittney’s name in my dream was something else entirely. They’re running this donut/breakfast shop, but not very well, as their customers aren’t happy with their service and Aleisha has this dopey expression on her face as someone complains about stale donuts. Katana is the only one who seems to be running the place decent, and Brittney (whose name has changed) is beautiful, wearing some funky high fashion clothes, her makeup makes her look like a light brown Jeffree Starr, but prettier, and she is too busy texting on her phone to realize what’s happening. I hug katana and let Aleisha take care of business and walk back to stars apartment. When I get there, Aaron is acting strange, and wants to speed up the wedding. Star is bawling bc she isn’t ready. Idk where the best friend went. I leave to come home. I guess I picked up Lyrik on my way home bc when we get out of the car, I’m struggling with bags and whatnot and I see a tornado in the distance. I rush lyrik in the house where travis was sleeping on the couch and is bothered that we woke him up. The loving room looks strangely like my parents living room in real life, which means there is no safe space to bunker down during tornados. We hide under the entertainment center.