Lifelong Journey

Date: 6/3/2017

By KoalasPlayPianos

I had this dream maybe almost a decade ago, when I was about 7. It started in what looked like a theater. It seemed as though a show had just ended and my mom was picking up my brother and sister's stuff to leave. There were kids my age running up onto the stage and into a portal. I asked my mom if I could join them, and she told me to just go. Once in the portal, I was in what seemed like a game show or some type of competition. There was a series of max 15 or 20 challenge courses. Along the way I recognized a girl from my class at school and my cousin, but I don't remember anyone else. I recognized the girl in front of me on a slide. I don't remember most of the courses, but I most vividly remember the beginning and the end of the dream. The end was the hardest challenge yet. I mostly remember a set of monkey bars and a bird--an owl?--above me. I was the only person left at this point. The bird seemed to be helping me through the end of the course. I finally got through the entire course, and there was a portal at the end. When I got through the portal, I was in my backyard with my family and friends, although I don't remember any particular faces. It was like heaven--my reward for getting all the way through. I do want to note that I'm a Christian, so I interpreted this dream based on my religion. I've had dreams that came true to the last detail, so I tried to interpret this one as realistically as possible.