Magical Adventure: Gourds and Chicken Wings

Date: 7/17/2017

By drunchee

I'm with Brody, Marcos, and Merrick. We're in a garden area. One side is a brick floor, the other is a muddy, swamp-like garden full of ivy, lush leaves and other stuff. The gardener is sorta weary about us being here. When he isn't looking, Brody Merrick and Marcos eat some of his gourds, which are green and lumpy on the outside and have the taste and consistency of avocado. These magical gourds give you the ability to transform into a different human, sorta like Harry Potter's Polyjuice potion. So Marc Mer and Brody use it, turn into different people, and then escape through a hole in the metal fence. The gardener is mad but doesn't do anything as I pull apart a gourd and eat from it. I use it's brown seeds (like popcorn kernels) and replant them in the mud so I don't feel as bad about stealing. I eat it and become completely naked. Adalia is now behind me, urging me to hurry through the fence while giggling. I realize she can see my bare butt and am glad that I don't look like me, but somehow I realize that I haven't changed appearance and that I'm just naked. Skip ahead to after naked me, Brody, Merrick and Marcos's adventure, I'm up in my room with the window open. Downstairs I hear Merrick, so instead of going down the steps and onto the porch, I go out the window. I jump out and land without harm somehow. Merrick is on the pew that's in my house, talking to my parents. He then tells me that Mrc and Brody and Garrett have gone to Bdubbs, and I say "oh dang let's go!" Cuz I'm hungry.