serial killer easter bunny

Date: 8/16/2019

By evp722

Had a dream that me and people in my town were being chased by a serial killer dressed as the Easter Bunny. It started off with me looking out the window of my house and seeing a pink Easter bunny that was running around killing people as it went. My mom and I ran into a small shed for shelter. The shed had 2 small rooms, my mom was in the front room and I went to the back room. I heard the Easter bunny walk into the room that my mom was in. I couldn’t see what was happening because I was behind the door, but I heard screaming, slicing, and possibly a chainsaw. When the screaming and the other noises stopped, I assumed my mom was dead. I ran, crying, and I was back in my house. I ran to my parents room where my dad was still sleeping for some reason. I told him, through tears, that my mom had just died. Except he just said “ok” and shrugged it off like everything was fine. We were then driving in a car all of a sudden, and I kept trying to explain to my dad that his wife was dead. He just kept saying “ok” and “yep”. I was getting pretty annoyed with him about that and confused at the same time. Then I teleported back to my room in the shed. I slowly opened the door to the room that my mom was brutally murdered in. Except.... she was alive. I mean, she was injured (can’t recall exact details of her injuries). And she wasn’t even crying. She didn’t seem remotely traumatized at all, even though she had just been attacked by the Easter bunny. My dream ended there, with me staring shocked at my mom’s beat up (but alive) body. I don’t know what my mind was trying to tell me the night I had this dream. But this could potentially be a pretty good horror movie.