Wet, Hot Maiden?

Date: 4/9/2017

By melftw

The dream starts off in a luxurious hotel. I was staying in a suite by the pool shaped like a circular dome, which houses 4 people on each side. For some odd reason, I was in my bra and jeans. There was a woman in my suite. Grabbing a towel, I wrapped it around my shoulders and guided her towards the exit. Then, I went out of my suite(idk why). There were people everywhere. Outside my suite, there were people in black, with a purple flower embedded on their pocket, lined up sitting on their chairs. In my dream, they are familiar faces, but I can't clearly see their faces. I went out, and saw some friends by the left side of the pool. I walked by them quickly, as I was conscious of my body, my modesty just being wrapped by a piece of cloth. After that, I went back to my suite, quickly passing the people on the pool. When I stepped into the wooden plank leading to my suite, the people in black outside my door, started doing some weird gestures, like as if I was a rich woman, lifting my palm and leading me towards my suite like a queen. My friends laughed and applauded as I shyly looked at them to see their reactions. They opened my door and guided me in. I locked it, pushing and then twisting the circular lock below the door handle. I went to the toilet, where a hot, steamy shower awaits. I stripped, removing my jeans and unfastening my bra. My bulging, large breasts popped out, glistening with oil ready for a hot shower. I have an uneasy feeling that someone was watching. A pair of eyes followed as I went in the shower rubbing myself as I make sexual moans. I looked through the glass window on the upper left side of my shower and saw the person next door (Steven, brother's friend, ikr wtf?)peeking through. He looked at me with hunger and delight as I rubbed myself vigorously. I bit my lip and invited him to come shower with me. He went in through the other window in the living room. A soft thud was heard and I knew he was inside. The bathroom door flung open and he was naked, except for a white towel clinging his waist, wrapping his throbbing bottoms. He looks hungry as his eyes widened when I rubbed my wet body. He went towards me, exposing his long, hard shaft. He kissed and sucked my neck as his hand travels down my body, from my breasts down to my clit. He grabbed my breast with one hand and rubbed it vigorously while on the other he stuck two fingers inside me and rubbed my clit as I moaned. I grabbed his hard dick and rubbed it up and down to his delight. I put it in my mouth, feeling and sucking his solid dick. I sucked it more and he released it in my mouth. I felt the hot liquid inside me as he moaned showing his satisfaction.