Friends and other halves

Date: 6/1/2017

By guido38

Had a dream I was down the street from my house where this grocery store was . It was night time and for one reason or another there were a lot people just yelling and fighting . It was pretty much a riot . Then I looked into the distance and this one guy pulled out a gun and put one in the air . He walked toward another side of the parking lot and let off a second shot . I was already in my car by that time about to get out of dodge . And right before I was about to start the shooter got in my car and just started a friendly casual conversation with me . Don't remember but his tone was so just regular with me like I knew him or something . And then idk why but I got back with my ex . Thank God it was a dream . We hung out one night . Then she went and did something with her friends . Then my phone started messing up while I was texting her . And that was it .