Bike and Witch, two dreams

Date: 6/9/2019

By Celticrai

Getting out of work and needed to fix my bike. For some reason I had windshield wipers which were loose, the left one just flopped. I biked through downtown and stopped in a pub to work. I was working by a wooden bar and was the only person in the place. I only had my multi tool but the bartender gave me a gray handed screwdriver before disappearing into the back. I tighten all the screws and start to adjust a plastic bolt. It was oddly shaped, like a parallelogram but the bolt turned out to be a cover, with a real bolt underneath. My handlebars came off. I got them back on, but could only get the bolt finger tight. You had to line up the cover with the bolt head and then turn both. I couldn’t grip it with my pliers. I was worried it wouldn’t hold. There was also a plate that screwed on, but it slid into place before it could be tightened and locked something else in place, a big fat black plastic piece. Whatever I was fixing was way more complicated than a bike. Suddenly I was a kid, hanging out with a boy 12-13ish. We were in a pit/clubhouse. The walls were covered with occult symbols in red and weird writing in black. The boy was trying to convince me that an old woman named Jenny was a witch who ate kids. He started a poem about it “Sam’s a sneak, Morgan’s bleak...”. I was ready to leave. “No really I’ve seen her eat like six kids!” The exit was a wall that had 2x4s nailed to it like steps and another 2x4 above the opening. It was taller than me, but I could jump and grab the top one. I jumped and did a pull up. The boy asked why I didn’t just climb. He got a running start and kind of run up the ladder. Then my kid woke me up.