Protectors of the Cosmos (POTC)

Date: 6/30/2017

By drunchee

Peter Quil, who is a new recruit in the Avengers, is being introduced to a Cryogenic Freeze Chamber that puts the person that goes inside into a deep ice sleep, so they can then be shipped into space to a new planet. Peter, against the Avengers wishes (mostly the Hulk), goes inside. The Hulk tries to punch Peter as he crawls in but accidentally hits the "close" button, so Peter is shut inside. The interior is like a colossal space station, albeit cold and devoid of life. Peter stumbles upon a cave with a replica of the Abominable snowman inside the chamber. He eventually gets frozen and zooms into space, and the dream cuts to him on a different planet, presumably years in the future. Peter and the other Guardians of the Galaxy are on a very strange planet. Gammora is one of the Guardians, the others were there (I assume) but I hardly remember them. I'm in the POV of Peter. The planet we're on is very hostile and in chunks, floating in space. We're here after defeating Ronan, now we're searching for something else. In our journey we meet an alien lady who I hardly remember what she looks like or her name. I just vaguely know that she was cute like Lexi Genzman, light blue, and very powerful. She acts as our guide. She leads us to a floating island that's red and yellow stripped. Apparently the island itself is actually a giant sabre toothed tiger! The sabre cat comes out of the islands ground. The island is like his life force I guess. I don't really know. But he's huge and scary. The blue alien who I'll call Lexi kills it in one blow with my help. Suddenly a red and yellow velociraptor/humanoid man comes to us. He's angry, probably cuz we killed his pet. He says that he and I have to duel now. He goes off to tend his crops while I sit there devastated. Gammora and Lexi try to console me, but I can't shake the feeling that the farmer dinosaur man will use his feet claws to rip my stomach open. I’m okay with dying, just not painfully. I plan to jump off the side of the island into space instead of facing him, or just let him kill me. Eventually he comes back, but makes a deal. He takes us to this giant green laboratory. It's all made of metal and has a green hue. He says instead of killing me; he can just put Gammora in a jail cell and use her highly complex brain as his second half, because part of his own brain is forever gone. To achieve full intelligence, he needs part of Gammora's brain. Knowing he doesn’t want to kill me me anymore, I leave the lab and go back to what I assume is my home planet (other than Earth), which kind of looks like Mars. I plan to rescue Gammora. Lexi is with me too again. I meet up with a whole army, probably ready to save Gammora too. Leading them is this female who I kind of like (yes, if you're counting, there's 3 girls so far. Gammora, Lexi, and now this General girl). I'll call her Thalia, because she was strong and had black hair. I tell Thalia the whole story, yada yada. Me, Lexi, Thalia and the army (I hardly remember what the army looked like, I vaguely remember metal thin robotic shapes, so let's call them android soldiers) teleport to the red chunky planet. Gammora is outside on this metal balcony, happy to see us. Me Lexi and Gammora go to a sea on the planet, probably to fight a sea monster. The robot army goes off to defeat the velociraptor man. Once we reach the tides, I tell Thalia that besides Lexi she's the strongest girl I know. Lexi was out of ear shot, else where on the beach. I didn't see Lexi after this moment, but I assume she's alright. Thalia gets a surge of belief due to my comment and me and her fight the monster that I don't recall at all. I don't remember the fight or the monster. But I guess we won cuz me and Thalia then join the army in defeating Velicoraptor man. Why we had to even defeat a sea monster I do not know. Once cornered, the raptor man claims he’d be okay with dying, because he'd “see the various floating islands as he fell off the side of the cliff”. (The whole planet is in chunks). He insinuates that somehow he created this planet, or atleast has lived on it forever. I don't know if we kill him or not, but we free Gammora from his clawed grasp. She's happy to be free and all, but she's also excited because Ronan, the guy the Guardians presumably stopped before coming to the red chunk planet, who in this dream is her brother, meets up with her once more. I guess he's no longer evil or dead for that matter. Gammora makes a map in the red dirt, a sphere with some intersecting lines and floating islands around it. She claims the planet we're on currently is her and Ronan's home planet, and now that they've found it, they can find out their past. So Ronan is a good guy and this whole adventure, including killing Brawnivore, was all so that Gammora could have her planet back. Nice. I head up the balcony and to a door. What I find when I open it will shock you all.....