Crazy women on train and micro penis hands 😳

Date: 7/31/2017

By awalker406

I was packing my suitcase and get my stuff ready to check out of the hotel. When I checked out, The coach arrive but for some bizarre reason it was a shape as a half melon." How strange? " I thought. As I took my place, I started to panic, wondering where Amanda is. She boards the melon coach with rage and sit at the opposite end from me. "O shit. What I have done?" I say to myself. I'm back in the UK and I get a text from Amanda saying "me and terri are out for drinks. If you fancy joining us". I hop on a train, yet again, is was a weird looking disfigured train, not a melon tho. As I board the train, this a crazy woman behind me screaming "Help!! He's trying to poison me by eating food!! Help me!!" I move myself outside compartment of the train. I could still see her screaming but she was walking around in a circle. Then these two guys came out and started to smoke. We got into some sort of technical discussion about universe until the train became set on fire. The train didn't stop. It went faster and faster. Next scene :I found myself in a car with a baby sit in the back. Kylie, Ava and Alex got in. "We'll all ready to go." Kylie says. "Go where tho?" I question. She got in a huff and then everyone got out of the car. Next scene: I'm at the Rendezvous point of where I'm suppose to meet amanda and terri. Nowhere to be seen. I walked up to a group of girls and ask them about where they were. "O they change they mind and gone on a date" one of the girl's said. "O ok" was my only response with sadness. Then I see them walking by with their dates. The guys they were with, looked weird and didn't quite expect they would be their type, especially their micro penis hands.