How i got there?

Date: 6/7/2017

By Sandy24

So me and my frnd was in an unknown place where so many girls was around. They were gossiping some stuff. Idk about what. " Just play cool. Do what they do. Say what they say. Stay clam." I said to my friend who was sitting on the chair besides me. Then, suddenly, all girls stopped talking and stood in a line. I got no idea what was happening. I saw where the line was started and found that there were standing a mysterious yet handsome looking guy with a old woman who was supposed to be the queen of that place or anything like that. That woman said something in the ear of that guy and got in his nerves. He took out a device from his pocket and started examine all the girls with that. And how was he examining, you may ask? With a swap in the air besides everyone mouth with that device. I didn't know what to do so i just stayed still. Finally me and my friend's number came and he examined us. I pretended like it was normal but didn't know that was it normally happens or not. He went back to his place and then i noticed something forming in my friend's mouth. It was a nail. One by one exceeding. She spit that out of her mouth and they caught her and brought her them idk where. I was dumbfounded and didn't know what to do and what they were gonna do to my friend. I just sat there. They were calling my friend a traitor who they were finding from days. Idk what was going on so i just kept my mouth shut. One by one everyone left the place and now i was alone in the hall. I couldn't leave without my friend or if i, where would i go? With that i was just roaming around. Sereval hrs later i found same nail forming in my mouth too. I was too shocked and was in fear that they might claim me as a traitor too but that was the only way to get where my friend was. So, for her sake i started finding that guy to tell them about it so he could send me where my friend was. I got out from the hall and and saw someone cooking food in the kitchen. The nail was exceeding and i spit it out from my mouth to the nearer dustbin but no one saw me. Then i looked in another room. I found in one room that there was a girl sitting, watching tv, wore glasses and a black-white coloured frock with two neatly made braids. Idk why but i knew that she was the sister of that guy. I tried to ask her that where was her brother was but then i heard a sound saying : " close the door. Do not let anyone in." and with that, that girl stood and closed the door. I missed My only chance. Then the nail started forming again and i spit it out again in the dustbin. But then i heard the footstep coming from upstair and as looked there i saw him. "finally" i said to myself. " Sir? " i shouted behind him. He was in so much hurry but then to he turned. " Same problem" i said to him and with that he understood what i meant my 'problem' and he was furious, angry.... and concerned? I can't tell. " You know, you have no option left. You. Have. No. OPTION. Left. " he emphasised the last line. Idk what he meant by that. " Can i go to see my friend? " i asked in hurry. " yeah, sure, why not. "he said like he was taunting me." what you did with those nails? "he asked me. I just gestured towards the dustbin and ran away from him, upstairs, to see my friend. As i got there i was shocked at the scene in front my eyes. The beautiful yet enchanting mountain and ocean with full of pink flowers and then a jail or cage type room caught my eyes. -end of tbe dream-