Virtual Reality Deer Hunting

Date: 8/22/2017

By toxxicduck

I was playing ESO, but was inside the game as if I were playing it with a VR headset. I was riding a horse and trying to shoot a deer with a bow, but it was super difficult. I notched the arrows, aimed, and fired and I totally sucked at it. I kept riding the horse back and forth between two hilly grassy fields on either sides of a cobblestone road, shooting at deer. A very newb-zone area. Occasionally other players would ride by on the path, on horses or giant tigers and what not. I felt embarrassed by how terrible I was doing with the bow, but just laughed it off all awkwardly whenever another player seemed to be watching me. Eventually I got so furious with my failing at hunting, that I jumped off my horse, sprinted over to a deer, and just started stabbing it with an arrow.