movie material (long story)

Date: 7/12/2016

By laramc

It started off with us all in a bus, packed for camp. The bus dropped us (literally) all off in the middle of nowhere and sped off with our bags. I managed to grab mine which was weirdly dangling from the side of the bus and rip it off the bus, pulling a cylinder of gasoline with me (damn strong bag that is). The camp leader (sped off with the bus) looked like Eric from divergent. So in a way we were all dauntless, being put to the test of survival in the woods alone. However the dream played out like the hunger games, people teamed up and headed separate ways. My team (consisting of a few boys and girls) headed slightly off course to the group in front of us, not too far behind. We've been walking for a while, just chatting when we spot a bear charging for us. The boy in front yells to "DROP EVERYTHING AND CLIMB THIS TREE!", so I do, I drop my bag and begin to climb the tree, which when we all made it to the top, was structured like a man made wooden tree, completely obscured with no gaps in the 'leaves'. There were many wooden beams supporting the tree which we sat on, and slept in for the night. The next morning we woke up and climbed down the tree, making sure the bear was long gone. As I'm walking down I realise how stupid I was for leaving the bag down there. The boy told us to drop everything, because people were carrying objects they found along the way, whereas I had a bag that would have, in no way, disturbed my climbing abilities, had a kept it on. I complained about this a bit as I picked up the bag, that had been torn up, but still held most it's shape and had its things still inside (somehow). I put it on my back, carefully, and we continued off. As we are walking we come across the cave in which the Bears live in. We all quietly creep around the cave and (sometime later, this bit of the dream is blurry) come across a woman, that happens to be a 'super'. Unfortunately for our sake she's a villain. (Have any of you read 'Super' on Wattpad? Like that.) the woman is an middle aged Chinese lady and her power is laser vision, and shooting lasers from her eyes. The scene was so packed full of action it would be hard to describe here. But it took us some time to figure out her powers, in the way loosing a few members. Dodging laser beams and trying to stick together, staying alive and getting rid of this lady is HARD WORK OKAY! We've been here for what felt like hours. There is three of us now, me, another girl and the boy (mentioned earlier, looks like my crush.. Shh). I'm dodging lasers (quite unsuccessfully) when I think of what her weakness could be, every super has one. (This scene reminds me of the end fight scene in Batman v Superman) ((with that giant monster thing being the little woman lol!) me and the girl are hiding behind a sandstone block when she cuts it in two, leaving us separated from each other. When I think. The woman is hovering above the ground, she can't fly, I can (great FUCKING timing btw Lara you think of this now?!) so I begin to fly up, higher and higher. Her beam follows me and I dodge it. I am tiring her out, using all her energy, testing her limits. She can't hover any higher, so her laser beam is being put to the test. (If you've seen How to Train Your Dragon, it's like the scene with the 'mother of all dragons', how he's flying up in the sky to attack) I keep on flying higher and higher and higher, suffocating myself as the altitude begins to get difficult to breathe in. Her laser beam is weak now, and from the sky I can see the other two attack the woman from behind, now she is drained. I can't seem to breathe or fly properly, I'm floating in orbit, barely awake, draining myself in the process of defeating this woman. I see the two others beneath me looking for me, crying. Looking for the others. They're in no danger now. But they are alone. With the last bit of energy I have, I fly out of orbit (back in Gravity) and drop to the ground. I then wake up with no knowledge if I survived or not but I'm pretty sure if you drop from orbit, your pretty much as good as dead amiright? Lol. That is all.