Date: 5/7/2017

By Bito

It was almost like a movie. Before I saw things and did things, I saw what happened before. So this woman was having issues with another individual and she hired someone to kill them. My whole family was suspected. We went on a drive to this place we were being kept. The drive to this place was so long. Curiously. I saw a change in the day. It was daytime and when we arrived to our destination, it was night. The place we went to was a place where we were being questioned but it looked like an asylum. We were there all night and the next morning Bizen was there apparently and he had breakfast. We werent detained so we could go around the facility and in one room I saw people playing games and my family was also there. In a van else where. There was 3 people. I big fellow and short fellow and a female fellow. The big fellow was trying to figure out was the plant he was holding in his hand was. He was also driving. He and the plant and got knocked out. When he woke up, he was stuck in a box and the van was half way about to fall of a bridge.