I was in the afterlife

Date: 7/28/2019

By VividDreamer0404

I didn’t know what happened, but I was fainting and lost my control, founding myself in a very white shiny place, full of people. Mostly they were wearing white clothes and I was wearing that as well. I didn’t know if I was really dead or not at that time. There were cute puppies and cats, and old friends — I was so happy when I met them (honestly they were strangers). I was just so happy to be there, I just felt like all my heavy burden was lifted. Every place I went there was free. I was free to sleep, drink, and eat. I attended a lot of activities, most are recreations, and I had so much fun with other strangers (who now seem to have already died), eating some delicious fruits, snacks, and all the good stuff. I thought “this is utopia”. And then I realized, that I was dead. Those strangers and pets walking around happily were all already dead. But I was still not sure. I started to feel a sense of fear. And then, with intention to discover the truth, I fainted away, and had a dream. I don’t remember what happened during the dream within a dream. I woke up. Everyone was frightened. The “utopia” seemed to be destructed. It was because of a giant fish. I saw people trying to lure the fish step out of a purple portal-looking entrance, which eventually the fish went out and wasn’t able to come in again. I heard someone saying “welp, no fish from the real world should come here.” That was when I fully realized I was truly dead and was living in the afterlife.