Different Schools of Thought, Magick, Power

Date: 7/28/2017

By Fitful

I was kidnapped or we were ambushed just as we got there. It was a treasure hunt of sorts, or we needed to find this important artifact. But someone decided to threaten until they got it. I was sent to go retrieve it, which I would have done anyway, the urge was incredibly pressing. I had 2 hours, and I had to hurry. I had other things I needed to do that day. It was out in the desert, they sat in the car with my friends in their custody. They gave me the choice of a box to take with me to help, only one. The first one I opened had two feet and an ear in it, and no they weren't disgusting but soft and warm things which were well loved and seemed more like toys then body parts or even former body parts. I ended up picking the second box without opening it, I recognized the writing on the cover. It was more important. I took my dad in, but he was mostly clueless so I left him in the office with the principal. Did I mention this was a school? My school, set in a cave system out in the desert. This had a more modern building feel than the yesterday's dream about cave buildings. It was actually recognizeable as a school building. And the treasure hunt would take place underneath it. I didn't rush right away into the hunt, however, I ran to the library thinking I could quickly grab an ancient summerian to English dictionary. I looked for one, but couldn't find one. Just about to give up the librarian told me to look behind the books. I did, suddenly remembering that there was another row of books behind the first one, and this was usually the case in all libraries but I had forgotten. (dream logic) I ended up still not finding the text. ~ I'm in this massive gymnasium. I am simultaneously learning tightrope walking (they don't call it that it's much more serious a thing, part of a contest) and swimming. (it's possible they both are the same thing.) I am so much a beginner I can't even stay on the rope at all and I've been trying all day. It's considered a dangerous sport and I've fallen a hundred times already. Luckily I've had people to catch me, but things are winding down for the day. The pool in the room, which is somehow a part of this but I don't know how, seems to have odd water in it, it's opaque - a distinct cloudy white- and thick like soup or pudding. I keep on with the tightrope walking, although I do think I fell in the pool once today. Finally someone, my instructor, tells me he didn't manage to cross the thing in his first 2 weeks so I had time. I didn't need to be so hard on myself. I was determined to make it. I hung the line in various places across the room. The trick was to stand on your head, or flip over and over in a cartwheel (although they didn't call it that) and that was managing to cross it. Standing and walking didn't count, which I hadn't even done yet. I realized why I hadn't gotten very far, I was afraid of open spaces, when the line was hung near the rock wall and the tall refrigerators it felt more secure. I moved the line over there preparing to make a few more trie before calling it a day. A friend of his hanging out at the pool told me it was better if I went into a trance before I did it. He gave me something which immediately made everything seem less important, and i was suspicious, well would have been if not for the white weed, but I did what he said. I went into a trance. I knew if I did that it would work. ~ I'm going to a school off planet, I know because we're exploring these crazy metal stairs which climb between one planet and another for our field trip. It seems perfectly natural so I keep going. A man nearby fall from flying high above us, his powers are completely alarming - not because they are unusual - but because they make him as one of the phage, a person tainted with a flesh eating disease. Or well it appears like that, they look like peeling walls. And they exhibit strange intense powers. The kids are equally thrilled and horrified at the sight. One of them makes some disparaging remarks and our tour guide asks us if we want to see something unbelievable. Without waiting for us to agree she climbs up on the metal railing and slides down, picking up heat as she goes, until the metal rail beneath her feet is red like fire and the takes the entire staircase railing all the way down. She gets off like it was nothing. She looks perfectly normal but we find out she once was phage. The children are still quite horrified and thrilled. I'm sitting with them all in the hotel that night, right next to my rival who surprisingly is defending the cruelest remarks about the phage. It turns out she has an uncle who has or had it. The hotel is quite amazing in and of itself, set in a small room with a wall of window, looking out into the space just over the planet. It is a heart stopping view. Later, somehow, I find myself in the position to return the phage boy/man who fell back to his people. They remain a small colony of those hit with the phage on a small hovering triangle island - artificial of course - complete with housing and everything. Adults come and go and try to keep them all in society. Children are there of all ages, youngest to oldest. The phage will take anyone. They aren't happy to see me, at first. It takes a few visits for them to open up at all. For some reason I don't feel uncomfortable with them, I don't have any prejudices, I think those are horrid. I don't even have prejudices against hexuals - the modern word for homosexuals. And I'm trying to find a way to help them. I feel connected to them for some reason. I notice they are careful to act as if the faucet is broken, but for some reason I don't think it is. And another visit I find this optimistic man is convinced he can get the local government to reintegrate the children of the phage back into society. He spills blueberries on the ground in a triangle, walled in by a pattern, and goes on and on about first teens will have other get used to being considered 16 now, their society so far has marked age differently, and on and on. I spill some blueberries in a triangle pattern and he removes one of his sides so they spill together. He then confesses he wants to swim in them. I agree internally it would be fun, it's this huge pool of blueberries on the floor.