Looked at the sky

Date: 2/4/2017

By alexwolfycat

So I was at some weird place talking to Aleks (immortalHD) and Ali and then I reappeared in a city and I was like wtf how did that happen. And then I was like omg I think I'm dreaming. And I jumped from the hill I was on and started flying, it was so cool. I went down to an empty road and looked at my feet walking. I had weird white shoes that I've never seen before. Then I looked up at the sky and it was amazing! (I watched a video the day before saying to look up towards the sky while lucid dreaming) it looked like a painting and then I made it turn nighttime and it all the stars were like a million little dots on a black canvas. So pretty. I flew around some more but I gained too much control and started losing the dream. I reappeared in a room with Aleks and we went outside and he was talking about video games. Then I told him about how I was lucid dreaming and how the sky looked so different. I looked at the sky when I told him that and I noticed that the sky still did not look normal. And I was like hey that's weird, why does it look like that, and I looked at Aleks and I was like hey am I dreaming still? And we was like idk probably. Then I started running and jumped and flew over the lake. I made myself reappear and I was starting to fly towards that one weird pink triangle building but then I woke up. I was disappointed cuz I realized that I had forgotten to look in a mirror (another cool perk of lucid dreaming).