Have no title for this dream

Date: 4/12/2017

By TwentieToo

First part of the dream was me at my grandma's house except my mom and sisters were living there too. My mom was always wrapped up in a blanket and on the computer and talking nonsense and had crazy eyes. My sister Molly was silent and always smirked at me and there was this one scene where she makes cookies fly everywhere with like her mind or something, after my gma said something, I don't remember what. I pick up three cookies and she picks up the other three and we decide to split the cookies and have three each. Next part I'm with my old friend Brenden. He drove me to my old apartments, they were creepy and the laundry rooms were replaced with these bathrooms I've dreamt about a thousand times. There's the boys and the girl's bathroom, but you seem to end up in the girl's no matter which one you choose. And it gives me the heebie-jeebies. Anyways, it was the middle of the night and he had a goal of some kind, no idea what, but it had to do with someone in the apartments. I don't think he knew I used to live there until I told him. But he didn't care and kept on creeping around doing stuff. He told me to stay hidden by his truck in the parking lot. I did but I started having this scenario in my head that my gma was here and she was gonna catch me, and if that did happen what should I say. And I thought I would tell her, "Oh I drove here". First, I have no idea how to drive. Second, well my gma would have none of that shit, even if I did know how to drive and I am an okay liar. Anyways, I got myself freaked out thinking about this scenario and decided to go find Brenden. I walked past the scary ass bathrooms and crouched at the corner. Then something flew by in the corner of my eye. It was Brenden. I walked back to the truck where he was waiting and he gave me a card. Then it was morning. A son and mom walked out to their car. The mom was on the phone asking the person what she knew about a rapist in the apartments. The mom was trying to find him I guess. The person seemed to know nothing. She then started to complain about it to her son. Her son gave me this vibe right away, "i don't trust you, you're a creep, get away from me". He had a puffy coat and greasy hair and a creepy ass smirk and beady little eyes and white tennis shoes. I think he might have been Brenden's goal. He found us crouching behind his car and winked at us before he got in the car with his mom. Then suddenly me and Brenden were on bikes and we rode up to the entrance of the parking lot where kids were being picked up by the bus which was driven by this sweet old lady who was giving them pills. Brenden was asking for birth control. She had drugs but no birth control. I, for some reason, decided to take one of her drugs while complaining to her about how she didn't have birth control. I was riding away on my bike like, " We're gonna do it, you know". And I pointed to Brenden ahead of me and nodded my head very seriously. "Tonight, we're gonna do 'you know what' and it'll be your fault if I get pregnant because you didn't have birth control". I must've been starting to get high from the drugs I took from the bus lady. And that's all I remember.