Date: 8/10/2019

By DreamGirl1998

Went to bed at about 3am this morning - woke up at 11am and can faintly remember what my dream was about. I was running away from the police, I was a wanted person and there was someone with me - at first it was Keegan Key and then he changed into my older brother and then into my other older brother but only ever so slightly (like I only noticed when I woke up) Anyways we were running away from police and we ended up hiding at the top of this building on this little side balcony that looked really dangerous and unsturdy- I then had a little vision of being left on a roof like in the hangover. After this scene I just remember running again from people and then Suede hid in a closet and I tried to blend in with Whaea Casey’s school kids - I acted like I was one of the teachers. This didn’t work and they found me so I grabbed my stuff from the closet and it had to be a broken umbrella, but I was running as fast as I could - it kinda reminded me of claudelands theatre - I was dodging all the police like some ninja, then I got outside and there was like a soccer field so sprinted past that soccer field and slipped past the trees/fence only to enter into a running competition which someone came first and I think I came second. It was all over the news. I was then staying with a lady - don’t really remember anything past that- but she used to have parties and then I think in my dream I felt so scared about going to jail, and I could hear a voice in my mind saying wow it’s gonna be so bad, but then not bad because it was my first offence, then I was researching on what possible sentence I would get for resisting arrest and then I woke up. Was pretty lameish and kinda reminded me of orange is the new black