Digital art, After eagerly going through the process of becoming an AWANA leader and experiencing a vivid dream where Joyce hands them a shirt for the sparks leaders, the person wakes up only to be left with disappointment and uncertainty as they still haven't received any news regarding their application.

Such Disappointment

Date: 2/22/2017

By Hikertrash48

I had this dream earlier this year (school year i mean not actual 2017). A little side note before I get to the dream, during this time I was trying to become an AWANA leader at my church, but they never said I got into the program or I didn't (still haven't heard anything). So in the dream I was lead to a room by a friend. I stepped in and we had Joyce (the one we go to if wanting to be an AWANA leader) and two other people. They were talking and Joyce told me to step forward. As I stepped forward I heard one of the other two say "this is wonderful." At this point I'm confused and Joyce turns to the person that just spoke and said "I may cry." She steps closer to me and hands me a folded up piece of clothing. When I unfold it I realized it was a shirt that the sparks leaders wear. I hear Joyce say "you made it you'll be withering with the younger kids." I was so disappointed when I woke and I still never heard anything.

AI generated interpretation In your dream, you were seeking validation and confirmation about becoming an AWANA leader. This represents your desire to make a meaningful contribution and connect with others through your church community. The room symbolizes a place of evaluation and judgment, where your potential role as an AWANA leader was being assessed. The presence of Joyce and the two other individuals represents the authority figures or decision-makers involved in the selection process. Their conversation and Joyce's emotional response indicate that your performance was viewed positively and that they were impressed by your dedication and commitment. The comment, "this is wonderful" reflects their approval and belief in your potential. Receiving the folded-up shirt, which is a uniform worn by the Sparks leaders, is a significant gesture. It signifies your position as a successful candidate who would be working with the younger children. This suggests that you would have been given the responsibility of guiding and nurturing the younger members of the church community. However, your disappointment upon waking reveals your current frustration and uncertainty. The dream reflects your desire for validation and closure regarding your application to become an AWANA leader. The fact that you haven't heard anything in real life creates a sense of disappointment and longing for a resolution. This dream may serve as a reflection of your subconscious hope and anticipation for positive news. Overall, this dream highlights your deep desire to contribute to your church community and connect with others. It also exposes your longing for recognition and confirmation, which may stem from a need for validation and a sense of belonging.